We are renovating securely as we build!

For Meunier, renovation is a full-time business. No matter how big or small your project, you can benefit from our expertise. We provide our services for a house, a cottage, a multi-tenant building and even for a condominium. Thanks to our long experience, we demonstrated our knowledge on complex projects. Thus, we know exactly what needs to be done at each phase of your project and how to do it in a short delay and at the lowest cost.

Never trust your important renovation project to a handyman or to someone who is not able to give you a solid warranty. Your home is a major investment. Make sure that your renovation increases its value, and not the opposite.

Consult us to:

  • Enlarge your house and add a floor
  • Transform the exterior appearance
  • Build or modify a garage
  • Renovate or enlarge the kitchen
  • Replace the exterior facing
  • Change the windows and doors
  • Add up or renovate a bathroom
  • Finish the basement
  • Enlarge “from the inside”
  • And even more…

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